Monday, October 29, 2012

Heads You Lose

Heads You Lose
by Lisa Lutz & David Hayward
Adult Fiction
437 pgs on my iPad
*Read for Sorta Naughty Book Club

Meet Paul and Lacey Hansen: orphaned, pot-growing twentysomething siblings eking out a living in rural Northern California. When a headless corpse appears on their property, they can't exactly dial 911, so they move the body and wait for the police to find it. Instead, the corpse reappears, a few days riper . . . and an amateur sleuth is born. Make that two.
When collaborators Lutz and Hayward (former romantic partners) start to disagree about how the story should unfold, the body count rises, victims and suspects alike develop surprising characteristics (meet Brandy Chester, the stripper with the Mensa IQ), and sibling rivalry reaches homicidal intensity. Think Adaptation crossed with Weeds. Will the authors solve the mystery without killing each other first?

First Line:
Dave, I just finished the first chapter of a new novel - a real crim novel with a dead body and all - and I thought of you.

My Thoughts:
I liked the actual story of the novel enough to finish the book.  The part where the author's wrote back and forth to each other...not so much.  This one just wasn't my cup of tea.  
**Several uses of the "F" word included.

Favorite Quotes:
"A plane crash will cause a stir almost anywhere, but in a place like Mercer it drew residents to the site like zombies to fresh brains." pg. 69 (on my iPad)
"But whenever you try not to think about something, that's when you can't escape it.  So she let herself think, just for a minute." pg. 94 (on my iPad)

Read more about the authors here.

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